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Bad Bishop was formed in 2002 with the aim of revolutionising chess videos. For many years videos have suffered from poor presentation, and often poor content. Even now some obsolete openings stock of certain firms - several years old - is misleadingly labelled as "new" by certain sellers, so buyers need to take care.

The Bad Bishop videos and DVDs are unlike any you may have seen before. They use modern graphics, and quality content, clearly narrated by native English-speaking masters and grandmasters. The Bad Bishop opening series is topical, and concentrates on genuine instruction, not gimmicks or easily side-stepped tricks. Each Bad Bishop opening video is designed to equip viewers with enough knowledge to play a complete new opening, in around 2 hours of enjoyable watching.

Bad Bishop has embraced DVD technology, and our brand new DVDs incorporate a menu system allowing fast access to different games and sections at the click of a mouse. This really is the easiest, most painless way of learning the chess openings!

Dr Helen Milligan, Blue Lagoon Island, Bahamas   Grandmaster Tony Kosten
Dr Helen Milligan:
editorial director of Bad Bishop.
  GM Tony Kosten:
commentator of the Knockout Nimzo.
IM Andrew Martin   Grandmaster Murray Chandler
IM Andrew Martin:
expert on the Accelerated Dragon
and the Scheming Scandinavian.
  GM Murray Chandler:
Managing Director of Bad Bishop
and Sicilian Basher.


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