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Bashing the Sicilian with Bb5 Volume 2

Volume 2: 1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 d6 3 Bb5+
2 hours. ISBN 0-9542934-8-7.

The system 3 Bb5+ against the Sicilian is an excellent weapon for White – and has the bonus of cancelling out defences such as the Najdorf and the Dragon. In this DVD, Grandmaster Murray Chandler presents an aggressive repertoire to deal with every important Black response. Using 15 outstanding illustrative games – including some from Michael Adams, Sergei Rublevsky and Vladimir Kramnik – White's optimum strategies are clearly explained. The lessons are reinforced by easy-to-understand summaries, giving the viewer an instant new way to Bash the Sicilian.

This DVD, volume 2, deals with lines after 2...d6. Volume 1 of Bashing the Sicilian with Bb5 covers the variation 2...Nc6 3 Bb5.

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Quotes from Reviews of the Video

"...Though I certainly enjoyed these tapes, I wondered how a player in the 1500 range would react. To find out, I loaned them to a friend (a schoolteacher) who had recently taken up the Rossolimo on my recommendation. His comments: "I've never been very successful memorizing lines from a book. Endless streams of moves on a printed page are both confusing and boring. These tapes, though, were both entertaining and instructive. Listening to Mr. Chandler's voice made the process of studying more personal, and the supplemental sheets of games that came with the videos were a useful added touch. I wish I could learn all my openings in this way!"
It's clear that my friend really loved these videos, and he swore that he would buy them for himself so he could enjoy them at his leisure. A great recommendation!
These tapes are perfect for players in the 1100 to 2200 range. And, evidently, even an old dog like myself can pick up a new trick or two from them. Don't expect anything flashy. Instead, you'll get clear dialogue, easy to follow moves on a crystal clear board, and Chandler's well thought out repertoire and presentation."
Jeremy Silman

"...Accuracy: Murray's analysis and appraisals are of high quality. With the rather bold titles of "Bashing the Sicilian with Bb5" one might fear biased appraisals, so it was nice to see some opening lines appraised with comments like both sides have their chances.
Overall Appraisal: I have a new appreciation of the Bb5 Sicilian as an attacking line for White. And that might be the highest compliment one can pay any author presenting an audience with a new idea! Murray has impacted my thinking and improved my knowledge of this opening line..."
Keith Hayward, Chessville

"The new series of instructional videos from Bad Bishop goes from strength to strength. Chandler presents here a complete repertoire against two of the three main 2nd-move branches of the Sicilian (2...Nc6 and 2...d6), based on the sound Bb5(+). By talking us through some carefully-selected illustrative games (mostly by very strong players who specialise in these lines), Chandler equips us with a sound and coherent repertoire that, he assures us, he himself would be happy to play at any level of chess.
The repertoire generally features rapid development, a safe king and sound pawn structures for White. This is certainly no collection of old traps and flashy finishes, although some of the games do feature some nice tactics.... Throughout, the basic features of each line are explained clearly, and tricky move-order issues are dealt with. Chandler's presentation is very clear and instructive, with no 'hype' and no irritating tics. All in all, an excellent use of the medium....
Highly recommended." Phil Adams

" is clear that Grandmaster Chandler has researched his material very thoroughly. As to content, this is not just 'club-player' fare: Chandler's original suggestions and contradictions of published theory carry weight and will be of value to players of all levels..." John Saunders, BCM

"...GM Murray Chandler narrates the tapes, and as usual he focuses a lot on strategy, which I find very helpful, as opposed to tactical tricks that you will probably forget soon thereafter. In general, he analyzes the major defenses through grandmaster games, and has discovered a number of rapid victories for White in these lines when Black played cavalierly. But Chandler doesn't make any absurd claims of the "White to play and Win" variety so common to chess books. He merely provides lines that give White an interesting and playable position, which, incidentally, your opponent may not be as familiar with as the main line. These lines are not easy to combat with Black, as even Kasparov has learned the hard way..." Bill Whited, Chesscountry

"...Those of you who read my reviews regularly will know my feelings about White players who refuse to allow me to play the Sveshnikov, and I have a nasty feeling that videos such as this are going to increase their numbers. For Chandler puts the case for 3 Bb5 very forcibly. In particular he emphasises over and over again the strategic aims of White through a selection of well chosen games, several of which lead to rapid White victories. Black has to play very accurately, otherwise White will quickly obtain an overwhelming position..."Alan Sutton



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